Why CSID is One of the Six Breach Notification and Response Services that Matter Most

By | September 23rd, 2015|Business Security, Company News|

In Forrester Wave’s latest report, CSID was identified as one of the top breach notification and response service providers in the market. In the report, six companies were rated on a variety of skills and services, including strategy, offerings, and market presence.

CSID was announced as a strong performer in the space. We are proud to be a recognized leader of global identity protection and fraud detection technologies, tailored for businesses, employees, and consumers. Our products are designed to help safeguard individuals and enterprises, and range from credit monitoring and identity theft insurance provided under policies issued to CSID, to full-service restoration and proactive breach mitigation.

The market is constantly growing and fluctuating with each new breach, malware release, and privacy legislation debate. To remain ahead of changing trends and digital threats, CSID provides unique services to help companies and consumers mitigate their risk.

Identity Management Center
Our fully hosted and managed white label identity protection portal is a welcomed feature for companies. The IMC can be easily tailored to a company’s brand and style needs, and allows the company to have an unrivaled suite of identity protections services to market to their consumers. The management center is seamlessly connected to CSID’s technology suite, and includes enrollment, billing, product selection and migration, and alert and report generation.

Another service that CSID provides is CyberAgent, our proprietary technology that is designed to proactively detect sensitive stolen information and compromised data online. This feature is the only identity monitoring solution designed on an international level to help keep individuals and companies alert to all malicious global activity. CyberAgent provides consumers the ability to react quickly, and take added precautions to protect themselves if needed.

Social Media Monitoring
This fall we debuted CSID’s Social Media Monitoring, a new service that alerts social media users of privacy and reputational risks on any of the four major social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

The service alerts a user of instances where they are sharing personal information via their social networks which may expose PII and put them at risk for identity theft. It can also alert users of content that was found within their social network profiles that may damage their reputational like foul language, sexual content, and drug and alcohol references.

These are just a few of the unique services that position CSID as a leader in the breach notification industry. To learn more about all our services and capabilities, please visit: csid.com.