SXSW Interactive Recap: #SXBreach

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At last week’s South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) festival, CSID hosted three panels that addressed hot security topics, including voice authentication, cloud security and data breach preparedness.

 “Data Breaches: Taking the Bull by the Horns,” moderated by CSID President Joe Ross, sparked a number of audience questions and Twitter chatter. We’ve gathered a handful of Tweets about the session, which was assigned the hashtag #SXBreach, to sum up some of they key points addressed by the panel. Take a look, and feel free to join the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter feed from SXSW breach panel 

SXSW Interactive: Data Breaches: Taking the Bull by the Horns

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What is the first step your business should take after being breached? How can you minimize impact to your brand after a breach? What should you do to prepare for a breach?

These questions will be at the heart of CSID’s panel “Data Breaches: Taking the Bull by the Horns” at this week’s South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) festival.  To address these questions, CSID has assembled a well-rounded panel of experts, from crisis communications veterans to identity protection professionals.

Panelists include:

  • Joe Ross, president of CSID – Joe will discuss technologies that can help companies prepare for the seemingly inevitable breach. He will also talk about ways businesses can monitor for and manage any exposed data to help mitigate the effects of a breach.
  • Joseph DeMarco, partner at DeVore & DeMarco – Joseph is one of the nation’s leading experts on Internet crime and law for emerging technology. He will be addressing breach preparedness and mitigation from a legal perspective. 
  • Michael Bruemmer, VP of data breaches at Experian Consumer Direct – As VP of data breaches at Experian, Michael will address breach preparedness from the consumer perspective. Michael will also advise on how companies can protect exposed consumer information.
  • Monika Jedrzejowski, associate at Hunton & Williams – Monika will breakdown the timeline of a breach and discuss the legal issues associated with security breaches, as well as requirements for breached companies imposed by state and federal laws. 
  • Terry Hemeyer, senior lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin – As a crisis communications veteran, Terry will relay best practices for breach preparedness and communicating with key audiences (from customers and investors to media and analysts) post-breach.  

If you plan on being in Austin for this year’s SXSWi festival, join us on Monday, March 12 from 12:30-1:30 PM CST at InterContinental, Stephen F. Austin in Capital Ballroom B. Can’t make it? We’ll be live Tweeting the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #SXBreach.  

CSID Takes on SXSW Interactive

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Headed to South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) conference in Austin, Texas this month? So is CSID.

We’ve been working hard, organizing three SXSW panels that address today’s hottest security concerns: data breach preparedness, cloud security and voice authentication.  

The increase in volume, severity, publicity and fallout of recent data breaches and lack of cyber-security has taken the topics of data protection and breach mitigation to new heights. We plan on addressing many of these issues during our panels including how businesses should prepare for the seemingly inevitable breach, how voice biometrics can be used as a method of fraud prevention and how best to address identity protection in the cloud. We’ve assembled an amazing group of individuals for each panel, which should make for some interesting discussions. We’d love to have you attend and answer any questions you may have.

We’ll be blogging a bit more about each panel as SXSWi approaches. You can also catch our updates on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned.

Data Breaches: Taking the Bull by the Horns

When: Monday, March 12, 12:30–1:30 PM CST
Where: InterContinental, Stephen F. Austin, Capital Ballroom B
What: When a breach or security issue occurs, it is not just the IT department that needs to react. Company leaders need to know how to address the issue quickly, protect customers and secure their brand. This panel will discuss multiple aspects of breach preparation from technologies that will help mitigate the impact of a breach to lessons learned for those that looked a data breach in the eyes and lived to tell.
Who: Joe Ross, president of CSID, Joseph DeMarco, partner at DeVore & DeMarco, Michael Bruemmer, VP data breach of Experian Consumer Direct, Monica Jedrzejowska, associate at Hunton & Williams, and Terry Hemeyer, senior lecturer and advisory council member at The University of Texas at Austin
Hashtag: #SXBreach

No Rainy Days: Identity Protection in the Cloud
When: Sunday, March 11, 3:30–4:30 PM CST
Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Sabine
What: From financial statements to music collections, we trust the cloud with a lot of personal information. Yet how secure is the cloud? How much control do we have over the data we entrust to it? What can we do if that data is stolen? This panel will try to answer these questions and more as we explore the impact of the cloud on personal identity and security.
Who: Eric Youngstrom, VP of product strategy at CSID, Francis D’Addario, principal at the Security Executive Council, Dr. Suzanne Barber, director of the UT Center for Identity and Oren Hamami, senior cloud security architect at Rackspace
Hashtag: #SXCloudID

My Voice is my Passport. Verify Me
When: Monday, March 12, 5:00–6:00 PM CST
Where: Hilton Austin, Downtown, Salon J
What: Warm up your vocal chords. Voice authentication is going to be front and center as the world looks for ways to secure data. Why? Your voice is unique. It can’t be stolen or forgotten. It is also easy to measure. This panel will discuss advances, strengths and limitations of voice authentication as well as how businesses are implementing the technology to protect identities, transactions and more.
Who: Isaac Chapa, VP of Technology at CSID and Dan Miller, senior analyst and founder of Opus Research
Hashtag: #SXVoiceBio

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