Creative Giving Part III: LifeWorks

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Earlier this year we partnered with Oxford Commercial to help us move into our new Austin headquarters. As part of Oxford Commercial’s creative giving program, they donated a portion of our moving expenses to four charities of our choice. Today, we recognize one of those charities: LifeWorks. We are honored to welcome LifeWorks to share a little more about their great organization:

It all starts with acceptance.

At LifeWorks, we believe in the transformational power of acceptance. We are fiercely committed to empowering our clients to find their path to self-sufficiency and we are determined to have a positive, sustaining impact on our community that will last generations.

As an Austin non-profit focused on helping youth and families, we work every day with young men and women who’ve endured circumstances that are unimaginable: abuse, neglect, abandonment and violence. Many have endured years of moving from one foster care placement to another without ever knowing a single adult that they could depend on. Others have had to survive years of unstable or unsafe family situations. And far too many are forced into homelessness to escape intolerable circumstances for the “freedom” of life on the streets.

LifeWorks serves youth and families who want to change the direction of their lives, whether they are homeless, parenting or “aging out” of the foster care system. We offer 20 different results-focused programs – ranging from shelter, education and counseling to workforce development and affordable housing – all focused on helping clients find their path to self-sufficiency.

At LifeWorks we help our clients see themselves in new ways, and in the process, help them see their futures in new ways as well. We let them know that they possess the skills to address the challenges they face and the power within themselves to change the direction of their lives.

Empowering better futures requires proven, measurable results.

At LifeWorks we don’t shy away from data. We embrace it. It’s why we use a results-based accountability model to assess the impact and effectiveness of our services. For our organization to make an impact, all our passion, commitment and hard work must produce consistent, measurable and positive outcomes.

We serve over 10,000 individuals each year through 20 different counseling, education/workforce, youth development and youth housing/homelessness programs, providing the most comprehensive safety net of support in our community.

LifeWorks operates nine locations around the city of Austin, TX:

  • Three Youth & Family Resource Centers (South, East & North)
  • Street Outreach Drop–in Center for homeless youth
  • Emergency Shelter for runaway, abused, abandoned and foster care youth
  • Young Parents Program / Shelter
  • Transitional Living Program
  • Supportive Housing Program
  • Affordable Housing Apartment Complex

It all leads to stronger families & a healthier community.

Every young person who comes to LifeWorks is facing a fork in the road.

One road leads down an all-too-familiar path of neglect, anger, apathy and disengagement. It’s the path that results in many young people becoming a burden of the state, or worse, the criminal justice system. And it leads to a world that propagates another generation of hopelessness.

But there is another road. It’s not fast or easy or painless, but it is empowering, rewarding and ultimately, life affirming. It’s the path to self-sufficiency. And it leads to a world where success is expected, achievement is celebrated, and independence is realized to the extent that it becomes utterly unremarkable. This is a world where hope is passed on from generation to generation.

To learn more about LifeWorks, make a gift or get involved, please visit

For more about CSID’s involvement in the community, take a look at our new philanthropy page on Facebook.

Creative Giving Part II: The ALS Association

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ALSEarlier this year we partnered with Oxford Commercial to help us move into our new Austin headquarters. As part of Oxford Commercial’s creative giving program, they donated a portion of our moving expenses to four charities of our choice. Today, we recognize one of the charities we gave to: the ALS Association. We are honored to welcome guest blogger Courtney Billingsley from the ALS Association to share a little more about this great organization:

The ALS Association is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated solely to the fight against ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), more commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that attacks nerve cells and pathways in the brain and spinal cord. When these cells die, voluntary muscle control and movement dies with them. Patients in the later stages of the disease are totally paralyzed, yet in most cases, their minds remain sharp and alert.

Every day, an average of 15 people are newly diagnosed with ALS — more than 5,600 people per year. The average life expectancy of a person with ALS is two to five years from time of diagnosis. Currently, there is no known cause or cure for the disease as ALS occurs throughout the world with no racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic boundaries with the exception that military veterans are twice as likely to develop ALS for unknown reasons.

The ALS Association covers all the bases needed to defeat ALS — research, patient services, advocacy, public education & community resources. The Texas Chapter focuses on patient care, providing families and patients across the state of Texas with services free of charge, such as durable medical equipment, numerous support groups, transportation & respite grants, Certified ALS Clinics, and more.

Like many nonprofit organizations, The ALS Association relies greatly on the donations and support of the community. To ensure we can continue providing services to the ALS Community, hundreds of Walk to Defeat ALS events across the state and nationally are held. These 5k walks are the largest fundraising event for The ALS Association and include children’s entertainment, music, food and more as thousands join together to celebrate the courage of our patients and families as we walk to defeat ALS. For more information about The ALS Association Texas Chapter, Walk to Defeat ALS or to make a donation, please visit or call the Austin office at (512) 371-1718.

For more about how CSID gets involved with the community, take a look at our new philanthropy page on Facebook.

Creative Giving Part I: The American Cancer Society

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ACSEarlier this year we partnered with Oxford Commercial to help us move into our new Austin headquarters. As part of Oxford Commercial’s creative giving program, they donated a portion of our moving expenses to four charities of our choice. Today, we recognize one of those charities: the American Cancer Society. We are honored to welcome Andrea Taurins, Sr. Director of Community Engagement from the American Cancer Society, to share a little more about this great organization:

The American Cancer Society greatly appreciates the generous contribution from CSID and Oxford Commercial in support of the Society’s work to save lives and celebrate more birthdays. The funds you provided will help people in Central Texas and beyond stay well by taking steps to prevent cancer or find it early when it is most treatable. Your support will help patients and caregivers get well through the American Cancer Society’s 24-hour information services, navigation programs, transportation, and lodging. Your contribution will fund research to better understand, prevent and find cures for cancer. And, through your support the Society will continue to work with lawmakers to pass laws to defeat cancer and to rally communities to join the fight. The American Cancer Society is available 24 hours day, 7 days a week, at 1-800-227-2345 and through for those in need. We sincerely thank you for your support!

For more about CSID’s involvement in the community, take a look at our new philanthropy page on Facebook.

November Recap: Holiday Tips, New Video and More

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Now that holiday season is in full swing and 2013 is coming to a close, we’re spending these last few months reviewing our successes and being proactive – preparing for another great year ahead. And beyond that, we’re continuing to develop new technologies, share our expertise and get out in the community. Take a closer look at what we were up to in November, and see what we have in store for December.

Holiday Season Brings Increased Security Risks

We spent much of November educating individuals and businesses about the security risks that come during the holidays, especially when it comes to holiday travel and online holiday shopping. Does your business have an online store? Here are our top 6 tips to prepare your online shop for a busy – and secure – holiday season. Look for more holiday tips and discussions throughout the month of December.

Introducing: ETI

Over the course of the year we’ve been rolling out a new enterprise product, Enterprise Threat Intelligence (ETI). And this month, we’re excited to finally showcase ETI in a new animated video! Watch the short video to see what ETI is all about. What do you think?

November RecapTexas Conference for Women

We find that boosts of inspiration are valuable and motivating. A group from CSID’s Austin HQ got that boost at the Texas Conference for Women, where we were not only inspired, but also moved by all the support for women entrepreneurs and women in technology. We were honored to be in a room among such smart, creative and powerful minds.

More from Joe Ross in the Huffington Post

CSID President Joe Ross contributed another blog post to his column in the Huffington Post: “Understanding Identity Theft.” Follow Joe’s column and let us know if you have additional tips to share or questions you’d like him to answer.

CSID does Thanksgivukkuh

Each year our Austin office hosts a Thanksgiving potluck, and this year was no exception (with the addition of Hanukkah). From pumpkin pies to green bean casseroles, we are still recovering from the food coma.

What We’re Looking Forward to in December

December should be a good one. We’re expecting another proactive yet busy month, as we’ll be educating others about keeping security up during the holidays, reviewing our efforts in 2013 and preparing for a productive new year. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for more updates.

October Recap: National Cyber Security Month and More

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Despite the ever-warm temperatures at our Austin headquarters, Fall has officially arrived. We welcomed the last few months of the year with a new partnership with the state of South Carolina and have been hard at work spreading the word about National Cyber Security Awareness Month, along with many companies and organizations across the nation. Take a closer look at what we did in October and what’s to come in November:

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October was the 10th annual National Cyber Security Month (NCSAM) – a month dedicated to education and awareness about cyber security issues. To take part, we posted daily security tips on Twitter, engaged in conversations about NCSAM in the social media sphere, and even co-hosted a Twitter chat with fellow security industry experts. Check out our blog post about NCSAM for more on cyber security awareness.

Co-Hosted #ChatSTC for NCSAM

As mentioned above, we were an honored co-host for an official NCSAM edition of #ChatSTC, a regular Twitter chat hosted by STOP. THINK. CONNECT. and the National Cyber Security Alliance. This chat was full of fellow industry experts, including folks from Visa Security, AT&T, FTC, Department of Homeland Security and ESET. Check out our discussion on cybercrime and how to protect against it as a business or individual.

South Carolina Identity Protection Partnership

This month we announced a partnership with the state of South Carolina. For the next year, we will be providing identity protection services to South Carolina taxpayers impacted by a statewide security breach. Those eligible can enroll for the identity protection program at

More from Joe Ross on Huffington Post

CSID President Joe Ross contributed three additional pieces to his column in the Huffington Post: “How to Start Creating Smart Online Habits,” “Tips for Creating Smart Online Habits,” and “Your Business’ Security Is Online as Strong As Your Employee’s Weakest Tweet.” Take a look and let us know if you have additional tips to share or questions from Joe.

UT Center for Identity Symposium

We always look forward to events hosted by The University of Texas Center for Identity, as they gather the best experts from all parts of the security industry. This month we mingled and learned from the best at another UT Center for Identity Symposium. Learn more about the center and their events.

mad med picCSID Does Halloween

Each year our Austin office hosts an exceptional Halloween costume contest – and this year was no let down. We saw some great get-ups, from Doc Brown to the crew from Anchorman to the gang from Mad Men. Congratulations to the winners! Check out all the photos on our Facebook page.

What We’re Looking Forward to in November – we’re looking forward to a proactive month, educating individuals and businesses about the security risks that come during the holidays and preparing for a productive new year. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for more updates.

News Recap: National Cyber Security Awareness Month Begins

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awareness picOctober marks the beginning of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), a national effort to keep Americans aware of the tools and resources they need to stay secure online.

The Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance began NCSAM ten years ago, and it has since grown into an advocacy month in which major corporations, educational institutions and government entities participate, describes, a program powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance.

US News reporter Dan Shewan listed the different topics NCSAM will address, including general online security issues, securing mobile devices, earning technology degrees and cyber security education. Paul Ducklin at Naked Security encourages companies and individuals to “treat Cybersecurity Awareness Month as an incentive to change your digital lifestyle for the better, on a long term basis.”

You can take a look at the full NCSAM program schedule on the website and find out on the Department of Homeland Security’s website how your business can get involved.

We’ll be doing our part by giving daily cyber security tips on Twitter and co-hosting an official NCSAM Twitter chat with STOP. THINK. CONNECT. on 10/24 about cybercrime. Will your business be participating in NCSAM this year? Let us know! You can join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook, and check out our Tumblr for the latest industry news stories.

September Recap: It All Comes Down To This

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With summer officially over, September found us keeping our noses to the grindstone here at CSID. A large portion of September was spent thinking and talking about online reputation management as we prepped for our quarterly CSID cyberSAFE webinar. It all came down to September 24th, when we hosted the webinar with three very cool panelists (more on that below). But it wasn’t all about work and webinars in September. We also made time for a little fun. Take a look at what we were up to this September:

cyberSAFE Webinar Series: Online Reputation Management

On the 24th we held a cyberSAFE webinar on “Managing Online Reputation.” We enjoyed the enthusiastic discussion among our panelists: Parry Aftab from Wired Safety, HR consultant and writer Jessica Miller-Merrell, professor of law at Washington University St. Louis Neil Richards, and CSID’s own Bryan Hjelm, VP of Product and Marketing. Read a recap of the webinar discussion or watch it anytime on-demand.

Stemming from that webinar – we also released a corresponding whitepaper and infographic on the topic. Check it out on our blog and feel free to share!

Hosted #cyberSAFEchat with Security Today Magazine

Prior to our webinar, we got together with Ginger Hill, a reporter with Security Today Magazine, to host a Twitter chat about online reputation management. Joined by other industry experts, we discussed how employees’ personal social media use can impact their employers’ businesses reputation and security. Find great tips and takeaways from this chat in our recap.

More from Joe Ross on Huffington Post

CSID President Joe Ross contributed another piece to the Huffington Post: “How to Prevent Child Identity Theft Part Two: What Businesses Can Do.” Take a look and let us know if you have additional tips to share.

Cookie picHosted Austin Technology Council Happy Hour

Our Austin office hosted this month’s Austin Technology Council (ATC) happy hour, catered by our favorite food truck in the city, Valentino’s, and complete with CSID-branded cookies. We enjoyed conversations from the ATC, CSID president Joe Ross, as well as a particularly engaging talk about cybersecurity from our Chief Innovation Officer Adam Tyler. It was great to see so many new and familiar faces. Thanks for joining us!

What We’re Looking Forward to in October – National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is the 10th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and we’re pumped to be a part of it! Join us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for daily security tips and other NCSAM related posts. We’ll also be co-hosting an official NCSAM Twitter chat on October 24th about cybercrime with STOP.THINK.CONNECT. and other industry experts. What are you doing for NCSAM?

August Recap: Full Steam Ahead

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It’s easy to lose steam in August – but here at CSID, we were full steam ahead. We announced the date and panelist lineup for our upcoming webinar, participated in the SXSW 2014 Panel Picker and even had time to squeeze in a fun Frat Games Day for our Austin office. Take a look at what we’ve been up to this past month. 

Reputation Management Webinar Announced

In September, we will be holding a cyberSAFE webinar on “Managing Online Reputation.” This August, we announced our brilliant panelists, including reputation expert Parry Aftab, Executive Director of Wired Safety; HR Consultant and Writer at Blogging4Jobs, Jessica Miller-Merrell; Professor of Law at Washington University St. Louis, Neil Richards; and CSID’s own Bryan Hjelm, VP of Product and Marketing. The free webinar will be held on September 24 at 12 PM CST. Reserve your spot now! 

Vote for CSID to Speak at SXSW 2014

The SXSW 2014 Panel Picker opened mid-August, allowing the public to vote for their favorite panel submissions on a variety of topics. We submitted three topics for consideration and were thrilled to see them appear on the SXSW 2014 Panel Picker. Take a look at our topics and vote by Friday, September 6th:

  1. When Good Technology Goes Bad: Mobile Technology – see CSID’s CIO Adam Tyler hack a $20 router into a mobile attack platform while discussing emergent threats in mobile technology. Vote here
  2. Growing Up Unprotected: Child ID Theft – CSID’s Bryan Hjelm and LookOut Social’s Clay Nichols will explore why child identity theft is on the rise, how crime affects children and families and ways to mitigate the risks of child identity theft. Vote here
  3. That Was The Old Me: Managing Online Reputation – find out the best reputation management techniques for employees and businesses to keep your personal, professional and business reputation in tact, and secure. Vote here

More from Joe Ross on Huffington Post

CSID President Joe Ross contributed a couple more pieces to the Huffington Post, including “Three Tips for Security Your Business’s Passwords” and “How to Prevent Child Identity Theft Part One: How Parents Can Help.” Take a look and let us know if you have additional tips to share or questions for Joe.

ProfilesinPowerLuncheonCFO Amanda Nevins nominated for Austin Business Journal’s Profiles in Power

Our Chief Financial Officer, Amanda Nevins, was recognized in the Austin Business Journal as a nominee for Profiles in Power. The Austin Business Journal recognizes women of distinction in top management positions for a Profile in Power award. CSID attended the Profiles in Power luncheon to show support for Amanda’s outstanding recognition.

Frat Games Day

In true CSID fashion, our Austin office spent an afternoon dressed in polos and bright neon shirts for our Frat Games Day. For a little bit of team bonding, we played fraternity team games, like foosball and beer pong. You can take a look at our Frat Games Day photo album on Facebook

What We’re Looking Forward to in September – Reputation Management Webinar

We’re hosting a free webinar in September that hones in on reputation management. We would love for you to join us on September 24 at 12 PM CST to discuss the challenges that businesses face today when it comes to managing their employee and business reputations and security. You can find more information about the webinar here, or let us know if you have any questions or comments on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedInReserve your spot now! 

July Recap: Beating the Heat at CSID

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canvilleJuly in Texas can be brutal, but we kept our minds off the heat last month by staying busy in the community and at the office. Take a look at what the CSID team was up to this past July.

CANville Austin: a creative food drive
We took part in this year’s CANville food drive challenge presented by BuildASign, benefiting the Capital Area Food Bank. The challenge? Build an Austin landmark with only dry food cans. Using 1,118 cans and our most creative thinkers, we picked our favorite Austin food trailer (actually, it’s an airstream) as our model: Hey Cupcake! The Hey Cupcake! team even dropped into the CSID office while we were building for a sweet surprise. Although we didn’t win first place in the competition, we helped collect enough cans to make more than 31,000 meals for low-income families in Travis County. Check out more photos of our Hey Cupcake! can trailer and take a look at the other creative CANville structures participating companies created.

President Joe Ross published in Huffington Post & Young Entrepreneur
We’re proud to have Huffington Post contributor on our team! As of this month, CSID President Joe Ross is officially a regular Huffington Post contributor. For his first post, he shared cyber security tips for small businesses and startups. He also wrote about that topic for Young Entrepreneur this month. Read Joe’s “5 Tips for Small Businesses to Increase Cyber Security,” and “Startups Get Hacked Too: 5 Security Tips to Implement Today” to find out how you can keep your business secure.

Guest blog post from reputation management expert Jasmine McNealy
Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky and privacy/law blogger Jasmine McNealy shared a guest blog post with us in July, sharing ways businesses can protect their reputation online. Take a look at three ways you can help keep your business reputation in line when it comes to social media.

2013 Greater Austin Business Award finalist
We were honored to find out that the CSID was selected as a Technology finalist the 2013 Greater Austin Business Awards. To top it off, CSID president Joe Ross was also selected as a finalist in the Executive Leadership category. We look forward to attending the award dinner celebration in early September when they announce the winners. Wish us luck.

Coming up in August
We recently applied to speak at SXSW, so be on the watch for the SXSW Panel Picker to go live later this month. You’ll be able to vote on your favorite panel to be selected for next year’s SXSW festival. CSID is also gearing up for our third webinar this year, to be held in September. We’re looking forward to having interesting, intelligent panelists join us for a conversation on reputation management. More details coming soon!

June Recap: Webinar, Twitter Chats and Tricycle Races

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Take a look at what the CSID team was up to this month, including participating in community events, hosting a long-awaited webinar and breaking in the new office:

Risk Mitigation for Small Business Webinar
In honor of Small Business week, we hosted a free webinar exploring how cyber security affects small businesses. Small business experts Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, Justin Freeman, corporate counsel at Rackspace Hosting and Chuck Gordon, CEO of SpareFoot joined our discussion and provided insight into the unique challenges and unexpected risks businesses face when it comes to security as well as what small businesses can do to mitigate the risk and impact of data loss. If you missed the webinar, you can still watch the webinar recording and access our whitepaper and survey findings.

CSID speaks on Austin Technology Council panelatc_event
CSID Senior Vice President John Menchaca participated in the Austin Technology Council’s Lunch & Learn as a panelist alongside Rackspace’s Justin Freeman and Winstead’s Alex Allemann and Cathryn Berryman. The panelists addressed cyber security privacy and protection, giving ATC members a look at how cyber security can affect their business.

National Internet Safety Month
We celebrated National Internet Safety Month by sharing tips on how to keep teens and children safe when using mobile devices. Children and teens are using mobile devices more than ever to access the Internet, putting them at risk for identity theft, cyber bullying and exposure to online predators. Take a look at five ways you can keep your child safe online.

Identity Theft Resource Center #IDTheftChat
The Identity Theft Resource Center invited CSID to co-host their #IDTheftChat Twitter Chat to discuss how small businesses are protecting their SMB from cyber threats. The chat covered a wide range of cyber security topics, including BYOD policies, small business credit scores, physical data breaches and more. Take a look at some highlights from the chat in our recap blog post.

In-Office Tricycle Racestricycle_race
We ended our busy month and thanked our awesome employees for a job well done in June by hosting CSID’s very first Tricycle Race! Our new office had the perfect set up for a race with a carpet track going around the perimeter of the office. Each department dressed up their designated racer in an outrageous costume. IT Ops won the race and the Sales Department won the costume contents with the Yeti costume. Take a look at all of the pictures on CSID’s Facebook.

Be sure to check our open job opportunities and stay cyber safe while traveling this July!

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