Enterprise Threat Intelligence: Stopping Risk in its Tracks

By | December 19th, 2013|Uncategorized|

One of the most interesting security trends we’ve seen develop—and help develop—over the past year has been the practice of businesses monitoring employee and customer login credentials.

You’ve heard us talk about it quite a bit in 2013. For instance, our research earlier this year showed that 61 percent of consumers repeat passwords across multiple websites. Why is this significant? Say your customer or employee uses the same login information on your website as they do on another. If that other website is breached and user credentials are compromised, this opens up vulnerabilities on your website as well. Companies are starting to realize and act on this fact. A great example of this scenario was the Adobe breach, otherwise known as the “breach heard around the world.” After news of the Adobe breach was made public, many unrelated third party websites reached out to users that had emails compromised in the breach and encouraged them to update passwords.

To lessen these vulnerabilities, we launched a solution called Enterprise Threat Intelligence (ETI). ETI uses our CyberAgent technology to proactively watch for compromised data, including login credentials and IP addresses, among the depths of the Internet. ETI notifies you upon finding compromised employee and customer logins or compromised company devices. Then with this insight, your business can take action to mitigate the issue, like require that your compromised employees or customers reset their passwords immediately. This proactive approach helps stop the problem in its tracks, alleviating risk for further compromise.

We’re excited to release an animated video that walks you through this trend and our ETI solution. Take a look!

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