CSID Hosting #cyberSAFEchat: Small Business Security for Every Phase of Growth

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SMB cyberSAFEchatWe recently surveyed small businesses (SMBs) on their security perceptions and habits and found that three out of every 10 SMBs are not protecting against security risks. Whether your SMB is just starting up or has been around for ages, you can bet that cyber criminals are targeting SMBs for financial fraud, data theft and much more. To help identify what cyber criminals are after during each phase of business growth and to share what methods of attack to look out for, we are hosting a Twitter chat with Symantec’s Aaron Hanson and The Securitist’s Byron Acohido who will help address how SMBs can better protect themselves from risks.

This #cyberSAFEchat on Monday, June 9th will explore the security risks SMBs face during every phase of growth and learn how to best protect against these threats. The hour-long Twitter chat will address the following key questions:

  • Q1: What security risks do SMBs need to consider when starting a business and why?
  • Q2: How do these risks change as the business grows and why?
  • Q3: How can lapses in security impact a SMB?
  • Q4: What tools and tips would you recommend that SMBs use to secure themselves, their employees and their customers?

To participate in this #cyberSAFEchat, all you need is a Twitter account. You can follow the hashtag #cyberSAFEchat on Monday, June 9th from 1:00 – 2:00 PM CT, and tweet your questions and comments to the group by including the #cyberSAFEchat hashtag in your tweets.

Be sure to connect with CSID, Aaron Hanson and Byron Acohido on Twitter and let us know if you plan on participating. See you there!

cyberSAFE Webinar Series is Back: SMB Security Solutions for Every Stage of Growth

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Small Biz WebinarOur CSID cyberSAFE series is back with another great webinar: June 10 at 12 pm CT on SMB security.

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As a small business owner, your security needs are constantly changing as your business grows. When starting a business, security risks are tied closely to your personal and business credit. As the size and scope of your business increases, other risk factors are introduced: security vulnerabilities exposed by employees, such as the reuse of login credentials, mismanaged data or falling prey to malware downloads; third-party vendor breaches, which can provide unsecured access to your systems; and the challenge of securely storing customer data. Lapses related to these vulnerabilities can impact a business’ finances and reputation on a grand scale.

The question is: how do you manage all of these risks while taking into consideration the limited resources and time that small business owners have? We have pulled together a stellar group of SMB security experts to discuss and answer this question, including Byron Acohido, author of The Last Watchdog and The Securitist, Aaron Hanson, Senior Manager and Regional Product Marketing at Symantec, and Bryan Hjelm, VP of Product and Marketing at CSID.

Join us for this free one-hour webinar on June 10 at 12 pm CT. If you are a small business owner, aspiring entrepreneur or IT guy, we encourage you to sign up, listen in and ask questions. For more information, visit the webinar registration page.

Also, join conversations about the webinar on social media using the hashtag, #cyberSAFE.

April Recap: Webinars, Workshops and Monster Trucks – Oh My!

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The first half of April sure was a busy one for us, with plenty of industry events, workshops and webinars. Then, we had a little more creative fun towards the end of the month. Let’s dive in.

We Hosted #cyberSAFEchat About Child ID Security and Privacy
On April 7th we hosted a #cyberSAFEchat Twitter chat about child identity theft and privacy, featuring co-hosts Kids Privacy and LookOut Social. We had a great turnout and sparked some interesting discussions on Twitter – thanks again to all who joined!

Encore presentation of our cyberSAFE Webinar on Child ID Security and Privacy
The following day, April 8th, we held an encore presentation of our child identity theft webinar featuring experts from Carnegie Mellon’s Cylab and uKnowKids. The original webinar is available on our site to watch at your leisure, and be sure to check out the accompanying white paper and infographic on the topic.

Speaking & Presenting at ID360 Conference
Later that week we attended UT Center for Identity’s annual ID360 Conference. Joe Ross and Bryan Hjelm were featured speakers at this year’s conference. In addition, Bryan, Adam Tyler and Joel Lang had posters and whitepapers on display. Check out our recap blog post for more on what we learned at the conference, including three key topics that are sure to drive the industry later this year.

SOS Leadership Workshop
We were pleased to host Amber Fogarty in our Austin office for her SOS Leadership “Lead Like You” workshop, which empowers women in business to refine and embrace their individual leadership skills. Visit our Facebook page for a few photos from the event.

DiscoMonster Truck Rally at HQ
Once the month settled down it was time for a little in-office fun. We hosted a monster truck rally at our Austin office complete with some 70’s glam. Take a look at the photos of the event on our Facebook page.

Joe Ross in the Huffington Post
Be sure to catch up on Joe Ross’ Huffington Post column. This month, he shared his key security takeaways from SXSW.

What’s Coming Up in May
We’re looking forward to joining conversations around National Small Business Week, May 12th to 16th. We’ll also be spending much of May preparing for another cyberSAFE webinar, in which we’ll discuss SMB security and reputation risks with some notable experts. This one will take place in early June, so keep an eye on the blog in early May for some updates!

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to this month on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and be sure to keep up with our Tumblr for up-to-date security new stories.

#cyberSAFEChat: Child ID Theft and Privacy

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Last year we polled parents on their feelings and actions towards child identity theft. The results? Most were not taking measures to protect their children against identity theft risks. Recently, we heard from parents and businesses with more questions and interest surrounding this topic. To address these questions, we hosted a #cyberSAFEchat Twitter chat coupled with a replay of our 2013 webinar on child identity theft and privacy. The onslaught of interest and information shared during the Twitter chat showed just how relevant the topic still is in today’s digital world.

Clay Nichols from LookOut Social and Anne Livingston from KidsPrivacy co-hosted our #cyberSAFEchat this week, answering questions and providing expert advice on child identity theft prevention. We had a wonderful group of participants, including the National Cyber Security Alliance, Ginger Hill from Security Today Magazine, Social Assurity and Data Privacy Day. This brilliant group of security and child privacy experts shared tips, resources and facts about the realities and risks parents face when it comes to protecting their child’s identity. Below are some key highlights from our #cyberSAFEchat or you can read the entire chat transcript on our Storify.


cyberSAFE Webinar Series: Managing Online Reputation in a Digital World

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CS_Infographic_Reputation_FINALAs our world becomes increasingly digital, consumers are sharing more information online than ever before. Such over-sharing shapes their reputations—for better or for worse—and can open them up for identity theft. In fact 54% of social media users have been a target of identity theft, creating the case that consumers should be more aware of what they share online, including personal information like date of birth and checking in at locations.

This also has a number of business implications. First, professionals’ online reputations and habits can impact the reputations and security of their employers, raising concerns for businesses around hiring techniques and company policies. Second, there is the opportunity for businesses to help consumers and professionals manage their online activities and reputations.

In fact, the reputation and security risks associated with employees’ online habits have sparked trends among employers: 91% of hiring managers now look at social media when screening job applicants, according to Reppler, and 42% of companies have reconsidered job candidates based on the content of their social profiles, according to Jobvite. Yet, less than a third of companies even have policies to shape their employees’ social media use outside the workplace.

CSID worked with three experts from various perspectives to create educational materials on the topic, for consumers and businesses alike. We worked with Jessica Miller-Merrell, HR consultant with Xceptional HR and Blogging4Jobs, for the hiring perspective; Neil Richards, professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis, for the privacy and legal perspective; and Parry Aftab, cyber security expert and executive director of Wired Safety, for additional thoughts on how one’s online activities can impact reputation and security. From our research with these experts, we’ve released a white paper as well as the accompanying infographic, which we encourage you to download and share.

These experts also took part in our cyberSAFE webinar series. In this webinar, moderated by CSID’s VP of product and marketing, Bryan Hjelm, we discussed online reputation management from both the consumer and business perspectives. Topics included: how employers are looking at social media profiles to make hiring decisions, the privacy and fraud implications of the types of information consumers share online, best practices for managing online reputations, and business solutions to mitigate online sharing. The full recording will be available shortly – please check back here to view the full discussion.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on online reputation management on Facebook and Twitter. Join our discussion using the hashtag #cyberSAFE. Find out more about our cyberSAFE webinars and watch previous recordings on our Webinars page.


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