Companies of all sizes should be empowered to minimize their risk of cyber threat

According to Symantec’s 2017 Internet Security Threat Report, the majority of spear phishing attacks in 2016 were targeted towards small and midsize companies.

Despite the increased focus, CSID found in a recent survey that over half of small businesses are not currently allocating any budget to cyber attack mitigation. The most interesting insight that our survey uncovered, perhaps, is why. While 57% of companies we surveyed said that they are concerned about cyber attacks, the reason 51% of them are not allocating any budget to cyber attack risk mitigation is largely because they don’t believe they are storing risky data. Yet, survey respondents indicated the following:

Even if your business does not store personally identifiable information (PII) like this for your customers, you’re likely doing so for your employees and thus, are at risk. CSID believes that companies of all sizes should understand what actions put them at risk of cyber threat, and be enabled to mitigate that risk.

Our Small Business Monitoring product empowers small businesses around the world to take action without the overhead, and gives them access to easy-to-use security tools that safeguard their data. With, CSID’s Small Business Monitoring, your company can:


Use CSID’s proprietary Internet surveillance technology, CyberAgent®, to monitor the depths of the web for compromised business information, and get alerted promptly if we find a match to employee credentials, company URLs and domains.


Access specialists who can help you determine if compromised data has resulted in identity theft, and guide you through any necessary restoration activities. These certified case workers can assist with restoration for a wide range of identity theft types.

Small Business Monitoring leverages our best-in-class Identity Management Center to offer a friendly user experience that can be easily customized to meet your business’ unique requirements.

Scalable and globally accessible

Fast implementation time

Easy analytics integration

Fully hosted and managed

Small Business Education

White Papers

CSID believes that companies of all sizes should understand what actions put them at risk of cyber threat, and be enabled to mitigate that risk. Education is the key to that understanding. Explore these white papers for some key takeaways about how to be proactive when it comes to mitigating your company’s risk of cyber attack.


2016 White Paper

In this white paper, CSID discloses results of a 2016 survey of 150 small businesses, and what they show about this group’s cyber security concerns and approach to risk mitigation and response. CSID also articulates key takeaways to help small business owners better understand what actions are actually putting them at risk.



2015 White Paper

To demonstrate just how effortlessly cyber criminals are exploiting small businesses, CSID reinforced the need for risk mitigation by executing an experiment. The idea? Develop a mock business, build its presence online and watch as it becomes a target for real cyber criminals to hack.


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