Unlock revenue and protect large consumer bases.

Identity theft is real and the risks not only affect the individual, the impact can be felt in many of the businesses with whom the consumer interacts. If your company has an existing consumer base, every one of your customers is at risk of having their personal and credential information exposed. The opportunity is to unlock the ability for them to know when they are exposed and allow them to help reduce the risk of account takeover and online fraud. CSID enables your company to embed proactive identity monitoring for every one of your customers via our proprietary CyberAgent® solution.

One of the most successful business models emerging in the market today is one that has the ability to embed the concept of “identity protection” into its core products and services. This approach removes the consideration cycle of consumers by embedding basic protection for the credentials that the consumers share with your business, the same credentials that they value most:

  • Email address
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Banking Information
  • Phone Number
  • Social Security Number

The result unlocks a latent business case of customers voluntarily upgrading to additional coverage with little additional marketing. Customers are simply choosing more of something they already have, and because CSID provides the most comprehensive set of identity protection products available, your customers can upgrade their level of protection and features in their service at unmatched price points and seamless activation – all within one platform. Overall, an embedded product offering can help strengthen customer relationships, increase retention and revenue for your company, and reduce corporate risk.

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