Grow Your Business With CSID

CSID adds value to your business by enabling you to bring innovative identity protection and fraud detection products to market. Through a partnership, CSID enables businesses to add incremental value with our premium product offerings to attain customer retention and new market share within your core business.

  • Competitive wholesale credit pricing, sourced from multiple credit data partners
  • Full suite of single-bureau and tri-bureau credit services including score tracking, score simulators, real-time credit alerts, and intelligent credit alerts
  • Core and enhanced credit services deliver consistent and differentiated product offerings with a supportive array of additional non-credit based identity protection services
  • Proven and scalable technology platform enables speed to market while providing the business with product control
  • Hosted and managed IMC platform that supports billing, email, enrollment, retention and up-sell/cross-sell marketing functions

CSID is the premier technology wholesaler in the identity theft and credit monitoring industry.

We also support affiliates and referrals aimed to target all markets that benefit from identity protection or enterprise protection products.

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