News Story
April 17, 2014
When addressing the topic of online identity management, I like to start out by sharing a figure that helps put this issue in perspective. In the past five years, the amount of digital information created and shared globally has increased by 900 percent to two zettabytes. To put this in more understandable terms, if the 11-ounce coffee on your desk equals one gigabyte, one zettabyte would have the same volume as the Great Wall of China.
Press Release
March 27, 2014
CSID, the leading provider of global, enterprise-level identity protection and fraud detection technologies and solutions, was recognized today as one of the healthiest employers of Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal. The company was acknowledged for its outstanding health and wellness programs for employees.
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March 19, 2014
In the wake of another computer breach of a Texas company, the head of a local company that provides identity protection explains how it may have happened and what you can do to protect yourself. Sally Beauty Supply joins Target, Michael's and Nieman Marcus as the latest company to be hacked by identity thieves. Joe Ross, president of CSIdentity here in Austin, talks about how it could be happening.
News Story
March 13, 2014
Last month, I wrote about malware and its impact on businesses. I want to expand on that topic this week as malware is one of the fastest growing threats the security industry is facing. As a matter of fact, a 2012 survey conducted by security firm Panda Labs, found that 32 percent of users had malware-infected devices.
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February 27, 2014
Let’s face it, cyber criminals are getting smarter about manipulating, stealing and profiting off of others’ identities. Medical identity theft is on the rise. Tax return fraud is higher than ever. Children are being targeted for identity theft, and large corporations are being compromised more frequently for their customer and employee data. As technology has become cheaper and is more accessible, cyber criminals are engineering new ways to steal personal information and use it for financial gain.
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February 26, 2014
I've seen some interesting security trends develop over the course of 2013 and in to 2014 -- BYOD security management and the increased scrutiny on cloud security to name a couple. One of the trends that I have found most interesting is the practice of businesses monitoring for employee and customer login credentials, and company devices that have already been compromised.
News Story
February 20, 2014
The Austin Technology Council (ATC), representing the common vision and expertise of over 1200 technology executives and investors in Central Texas, today announced a comprehensive, two-year roadmap to secure the region’s position as a global leader in technology and life sciences. Eight executives from top Central Texas companies join the Board of Directors to guide the execution of the roadmap and initiate a new era of thought and market leadership.
News Story
January 28, 2014
Password reuse across multiple websites and company logins is a major weak link in a company’s security system. In a survey CSID conducted in 2012 on password habits, we found that 61 percent of the respondents reused the same password for multiple sites, and 44 percent of respondents reported they change their passwords once a year or less.
News Story
January 18, 2014
After a series of high-profile data breaches in recent months, you might be wondering: Just how safe is my personal data? The answer, a number of data and online security experts say, is that it’s not very safe at all – and there’s not much the average consumer can do about it.
News Story
January 16, 2014
As we embark on another year here at CSID, I am reminded of a simpler time when identity thieves only went after credit card information and social security numbers (SSN). We didn't think so then, but those were the good old days. Monitoring this information was enough to keep an identity secure. But that was then -- this is 2014.