Give your consumers an experience that is easy, secure and cost effective.

Organizations from a wide range of industries can benefit from the accuracy, ease and security of authenticating identities provided by VoiceVerified. VoiceVerified is our patent-protected voice biometrics technology that uses your members’ and/or consumers’ voiceprints — which are as unique as fingerprints — to authenticate individuals accessing accounts.

Since VoiceVerified does not rely on personal information, passwords or PINs — and thus can’t be spoofed — identity thieves are thwarted right from the start. No extra hardware or software is required. The voice authentication process is simple, safe and you can use it to secure remote transactions.

Authentication typically takes less than 10 seconds, and your company or organization can designate the security thresholds required for various transactions. For instance, a user’s voiceprint can be individually customized for more or less precision and accuracy.

Featuring flexible deployment options, simple licensing terms and pricing models, VoiceVerified provides outstanding value to organizations.

  • Time Savings: Cuts an estimated 45 seconds off every consumer service call
  • Drastically Lowered Fraud Losses: Prevents fraud at its point of highest risk – the remote transaction
  • Capital Cost Management: Eliminates expensive hardware and software purchases
  • Increases Consumer Retention: Increased security generates brand loyalty and strengthens revenue streams

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